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The Future – Nā Kūpuna a me Nā Kākoʻo o Hālawa

The Future

To know the future, look to the past

Halawa85 encl2b-final

Photo: An enclosure with a prominent upright stone in its wall. Just above the enclosure is a shallow cave, perhaps the one associated with a manō (shark) associated with the valley.


Cultural mitigation funds were set aside almost 30 years ago in the construction of the H3 freeway. A portion of the remaining funds will underwrite the construction of a traditionally-inspired hālau (community meeting house). This open-air structure will serve as the main gathering location for our community and its visitors, a place to aʻo mai / aʻo aku (learn and teach) traditional culture, protocol and moʻolelo (stories, history) connected with the valley. We envision a welcoming hālau, used for cultural demonstrations such as hula, ʻoli (chants), kapa making and lapaʻau (traditional medicine).

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