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What We Do – Nā Kūpuna a me Nā Kākoʻo o Hālawa

What We Do

Cultural tours

We strive to educate everyone who comes into the valley. We give historical tours that highlight the cultural significance of the many sites in Hālawa. The cultural tour is a guided experience revealing a number of significant sites along with information on cultural practices and their uses. Pōhaku kiʻi, laʻau lapaʻau, plant use and other areas are explained and questions encouraged. This is all done to present a greater understanding of not only Hawaiian culture but of Hālawa itself.


Photo: Sweets Matthews and Marion Kelly

Community work days

We have established work and educational programs that continue to broaden awareness of this special valley. Over the past 17 years, community organizations, groups and individuals have utilized Hālawa Valley through NKNKHI. Whether for educational, spiritual or cultural reasons, work days involve our community. By request or invitation, organizations and individuals participate in our work days to help clear brush and weeds around Native Hawaiian cultural and sacred sites and to help maintain Native Hawaiian gardens in Hālawa Valley.

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